Since 2002, Georgia Watch has served as the state’s leading consumer advocacy organization. We focus mainly on issues that impact your wallet and quality of life such as health care, energy and utility issues, identity theft, foreclosure, predatory lending and access to civil justice. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Georgia Watch works to protect Georgia families by developing pro-consumer policies and advocating for Georgians at the state Capitol and the Public Service Commission. We also conduct consumer protection workshops across the state, providing much needed education and assistance.

Supporters are a key component of Georgia Watch, and many take an active role in our efforts to protect consumers. You can support us by volunteering your time, sharing consumer information with neighbors, or attending one of our workshops. As a team, we raise awareness and push for greater protections for all Georgians.

If you need help with a consumer issue, would like to become a Georgia Watch supporter, or to schedule a consumer workshop, please contact us at 404-525-1085 or by emailing


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