Georgia Financial Protection Coalition

The Georgia Financial Protection Coalition  (GFPC) advocates for safe financial products and industry practices that will create a fairer marketplace in Georgia. This virtual statewide network includes service providers and advocates who want to share information and protect consumers.

GFPC Steering Committee Member Venus Locket

The GFPC, which currently has about 80 members statewide, is a virtual, statewide network of service providers and advocates who want to share information and protect consumers. This coalition:

  • Provides opportunities for service providers, advocates and consumers’ voices to be heard on issues that affect the financial well-being of their communities
  • Keeps members up-to-speed on events at the State Capitol and in Washington
  • Informs members on what actions they can take to make a difference
  • Works together to develop proactive policies to eliminate obstacles standing in the way of financial security for so many Georgians
  • Trains members on how they can advocate for their community members at the local, state, and federal levels

To learn more about the GFPC, please read our recently released a policy paper, “Making Small-Dollar Lending Safer for Georgians.” ¬†This paper details the many dangerous financial products out there, like payday and title pawn loans, that can easily ensnare people in a cycle of debt, destroying their credit and making the road to financial security a rough and lengthy one. The paper makes policy recommendations for state-level reforms that we need in Georgia.

To request to join the Georgia Financial Protection Coalition, please email or click here.

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