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State legislative proceedings are often difficult to understand and can be even more challenging to track. Georgia Watch provides details on legislation affecting consumers so the general public can stay informed as bills move through the halls of the Capitol. Our aim is to keep you informed and involved so that you can become engaged in the legislative process.



Protect consumers from harmful predatory lending

Harmful predatory lending practices trap consumers in debt. To protect consumers, Georgia Watch will promote the introduction of legislation: Requiring small-dollar lenders to evaluate the borrower’s ability to repay any credit that is extended -…

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Close the coverage gap in Georgia

Georgia has not yet taken advantage of federal funds to provide health insurance coverage to low-income Georgians through Medicaid expansion or an 1115 Medicaid waiver. Approximately 240,000 Georgians remain stuck in a coverage gap because…

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Protect professional licenses

Georgia is currently one of 15 states that can suspend the professional licenses of individuals who have fallen behind on their student loans. Nationally, such licensing suspension laws were largely the result of a crackdown…

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Support ‘surprise billing’ legislation

Georgia Watch supports surprise billing legislation to protect Georgia consumers from unexpected out-of-network medical costs in an emergency or during a planned procedure. A surprise medical bill can occur when an insured consumer inadvertently encounters out-of-network…

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Protect consumers from home purchasing scams

“Contracts for deed” or “owner financing” arrangements typically require would-be homebuyers to make all repairs, pay property taxes, and repay high-interest loans without the ability to accumulate equity.  Because these arrangements do not constitute a mortgage, prospective…

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